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My Philosophy

"Meeting you where you're at, creating a sacred space for you to transform,

and breaking free of what holds you back."

My Practice

Whether you are a teen, an adult, or young adult going through a life transition, a relationship issue, experiencing stress, facing anxiety or depression, or anything else that's letting you know that"something's not quite right," finding a healthy outlet to express and explore solutions is where your transformation begins.

Your sessions are tailored to what you, the client, needs at that moment.  Sometimes you may just need to talk, sometimes do art, or sometimes just stop and breathe.  Sometimes you need all three.  By incorporating a multi-faceted holistic approach (mind-body-spirit), these sessions can encourage awareness, growth, and bring those hidden parts of yourself back to light using one or several tools.

Some of these tools are:  brain spotting, cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology techniques, collage-making, inside/outside boxes, vision boards, emotion containers, creative journaling, guided imagery, deep breathing techniques, reiki and energy balancing techniques, mindfulness, tapping (EFT) and yoga.

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