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What's Your Word?

Last year I proposed to my readers to choose a Word, rather than resolutions, to help carry and guide you to your fullest potential.

This year, I propose the same.

As we embark on 2018, its time to reflect on your Word for the new year.

This Word is your lighthouse; your reminder to put your "attention" on your "intention."

What I love about "the Word" is the flexibility it holds; the malleability to enter into every aspect of your world to foster change.

It's the domino effect.

Your Word touches:

Your family. Your friend circle. Your career. Your finances. Your mental health. Your spirituality. Your physical health. Your activities.

Sometimes your Word comes effortlessly to you.

You feel it resonate in your body.

Other times, you need to write it out and look for clues in each aspect of your life that overlap.

(Tip: use the above list as categories to begin writing adjectives, adverbs under. Then, look for similarities in each category


You'll find your Word...

For me, personally, 2017 was a year of overhaul all due to the tiny Word I chose to lead me.

And I was scared to implement it.

And I was scared that I wouldn't follow through.

And I was scared that I would piss people off.

And I was scared of unfamiliar territory.

However, I knew that if it scared me that much then that was the Word I really needed in my life.

My Word was: "No."

(yes, with the period. No. (period.).

Firm. Decisive. Life-changing.

I LOVE to work + I LOVE to give + I LOVE to put others first = recipe for disaster.

"No." helped me to reclaim my time, my peace, my spirit, my health, my boundaries.

Each time I was confronted with moments when I automatically would say yes, I would step back, feel my fear, and say "No."

Believe me, I still have moments when I say "No." and I ruminate with doubt. My mind becomes the breeding ground of inner critics saying,"Did you make the right choice?" "Oooh, you're in trouble!" and, the classic, "Who do you think you are?!"

In these moments, I have to work extra-hard to implement my strategies (deep breathing...whew.)

And it works. And I go back to being set with "No."

This year for 2018, my Word is (drum-roll, please):


Opportunity to continue saying "No." Opportunity to grow my business Opportunity to make more time with my friends Opportunity to make more time for self-care Opportunity to be okay with being unsure

The list goes on...

Thank you, readers, for a fruitful 2017. Thank you for liking my posts and supporting me...

I wish you the very best in 2018 and wish you lots of love, change, and growth in your lives!

If you would like some guidance with finding your Word, please feel free to reach out...

Here's to 2018 and your Word!

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