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2020 A Year In Review & My One Word for 2021

It’s been two years since I’ve done a blog post.

I don’t know why it always amazes me at how fast time flies.

A lot has happened in these two years…

…and we all know how 2020 went.

But I find it fitting that I resume my posting on January 1, 2021 as I review the past two years and where I’ve been.

And it all goes back to my faithful companion:

“My One Word.”

Each year I reflect on my life and experiences and from there My One Word is created for the following year.

My One Word magically fits into every category of my life and enables me (and challenges me) to step back, take a breath, and dive in.

Many times, My One Word organically piggybacks off of the previous year and is an extension of what more I need to learn.

In 2019, My One Word was Trust.

In 2020, My One Word was Confidence.

With 2021 approaching I was beginning to sense some panic in me because My One Word usually comes so easily.

This time was different.

It wasn’t coming to me.

However, I went back to 2019’s One Word and I knew I could Trust. that it would come to me.

I just needed to be patient and breathe.

And that’s when My One Word revealed itself to me as I reviewed 2020


I am a Perfectionist.

I battle irrational thoughts.

I am hard on myself.

I want everything to be done right.

I want to know everything that’s going to happen…step-by-step.

I have Black or White thinking.

The list goes on.

2020 was hard for all of us in so many ways and it was super-hard for me to know that I had little to no control over any of it.

I had to find a way to let go, Trust. and feel Confidence (My One Word for 2020) in that things would work out.

(BTW, those are really hard words for a Perfectionist to live by)

I practiced allowing myself to feel the hard stuff and allowed myself to have Confidence that this too shall pass.

It didn’t work all the time, but I realized that I am getting better at catching myself when Perfectionism / Irrational Thinking would pop up.

Some Perfectionistic / Irrational Thoughts I catch myself battling:

Did I have my mask on the right way?

I touched my face before I used hand sanitizer. Can I get sick???

Should I have hugged my Mom goodbye even though I was wearing a mask?

Is my job okay?

Are my clients okay? Am I available enough for them?

How are my friends faring?

What else can I do for others who are hurting?

Is my kid doing okay?

Am I doing enough for everyone I care about?

How do I deal with my own health issues during this time?

I realized from these anxiety-provoking thoughts that I needed to be so much gentler and kinder with myself as I practiced this process.

I didn't deserve to torture myself with the fear and insecurity that I was placing upon myself.

And, although there's still much I can't control, I realized that I can control how I treat myself.

Hence, 2021’s My One Word:


So, here’s to 2021 and to its future lessons where I can practice self-compassion.

I hope that 2021 yields much love, good health, support, and contentment for all of you.

And, most of all , I wish you the gift of self-compassion as together we move through 2021.

What’s your One Word?

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