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The Power of Tradition

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

One of my favorite memories as a child were those of visiting my relatives in Mexico City every Christmas.

I loved the mystery of the city, the smells of the bakeries, the language spoken, and Christmas mass.

My aunt would host us and I loved being at her home.

In her home, my aunt had a sitting room that was decorated with Japanese furniture and relics. There was a small purple lamp with a rice paper lampshade with drawings on it that I adored for some reason. In that room, I felt transported to another time and let my imagination run wild.

It was my favorite place to be.

The kitchen was another room where the family congregated.

I remember watching my aunt cook for the dinner parties.

The smells of seafood, soups, and poultry.

The clinking of glass and frying pans sizzling.

Lemonade, and wine for the adults.

And, of course, I especially loved the Three Kings Cake that my aunt would serve.

Beautifully decorated with jewels of fruit and nuts, piped icing, and delicate layers of dough.

My brother and I would be so excited to see who would discover the small plastic baby Jesus in their slice and what good fortune would be coming to them!

Writing this, it seems like it was only yesterday that I was there at my aunt’s home.

I am so grateful to have these memories; to have been a part of these traditions that I am now creating with my own family.

Despite slightly different traditions the meaning, though, is the same:






I believe that these traditions formed my values and character and also formed the close bond between my family and myself.

Now that I have a family of my own, being together is the most important part of this life that I am grateful to have.

Our family traditions extend to vacations, going to the theater, Illumination at the Morton Arboretum, Zoo Lights, family dinners, lunch with my kiddo, weekend getaways with my husband, playing board games, watching dog shows, bike riding, family walks with our pooch, having grandma sleep over, staycations…

…the list goes on

Traditions are meant to bring us together, to bring us comfort and joy.

To bring love, dedication, and devotion to our lives and to pass these traditions on to generation after generation.

With 2019 just around the corner, what are your family traditions that will be continued and what new ones will you explore?

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